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When creating a subsite on Sharepoint, it inherits by default, Look and Feel properties from parent site.
The problem is when you need to globally update some customizations, for example when applying a new theme to an entire site collection.

Out the box WSS 3.0/SharePoint 2007 doesn't allow to inherit customizations after site creation.
Applying globally a theme or a master page in a complex site collection could be really painful , because you must go to each site and apply the properties to each of them.

This project tries to minimize these limitations by adding the habitility to do some bulk customizations right through site administration.
By installing this feature, an extra entry is added in the site settings page at site scope.

The properties that can be inherited at this time are:
  • Master page;
  • Site logo;
  • Theme.
Source Code
The project template used is SPVisualDev and can be downloaded here.

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